Sunday, June 14, 2009

Conserve gas!

how do you go from first to twenty second in a matter of half of a lap well lets ask somewhat of a pro and just to tell you i am deleting this picture as soon as i am done with my post

i think Jimmie Johnson should ask tony since well i don't have to tell you about last week right. right.

how do you like them apples Tom?


~Tom~ said...

Siiiiiiigh.......I deserve this one. I admit it.I am sure you heard my cries all the way out in Nebraska!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

right on!!!!!!! That was so sweet to see "jj" going from the front of the pack and slowly oh wait no it was kind of quickly to the middle of the pack!!!!! happy day...happy day!!! hehe

~Tom~ said...

I hear you forgot to delete the picture and your friend saw it? I also hear that your friend is a Jeff Gordon fan? I like your friend!

~Tom~ said...

You really need to update this blog so that all your followers will know how the season ended. I know I liked it. Didn't you? lol


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