Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still number 1

I would just like to point out that after a handful of races Tony is still #1 in standings he has a 100 point lead so just to rub it in here is pic of him


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

ok lets get this out there so our good friend TOM sees it....Tony has a 175 point lead to #24 Gordon and a 212 point lead over #48 Johnson ....oh yeah Im rubbing it in because for the last 3 years #48 has been on top and its about time our guy made his way back up there!!! oh yeah Im lovin it!!!!

~Tom~ said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah....but it's only July. There is still plenty of time for Skid or Crash, or whatever it is you Tony fans call him, to spiral downward in the standings. lol

~Tom~ said...

You really should update this post now that Jimmie has not only beaten Tony yet again, but also clinched his 4th consecutive title! Gotta love NASCAR right Devin?


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